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Sunday, January 20, 2019


Thursday, February 8, 2018 by BEVERLY SPRINGER Special to The Press in School

Andrew Ashmar

Q. In what grade are you currently enrolled?

A. I am currently in 12th grade at Emmaus High School.

Q. What is your favorite subject? Why?

A. My favorite subject is chemistry because I am fascinated by how the world around us works. I am intrigued by the fact that, on the molecular level, all things on earth are very similar.

Q. Have you received any special awards or recognition?

A. I have recently been named a National Hispanic Scholar. I, along with another student, accepted the Freddy Award for Outstanding Use of Lighting for our work on Emmaus High School’s production of “Miss Saigon.” I am a member of National Honor Society.

Q. Are you involved in any extracurricular activities?

A. I am the lighting crew chief in Emmaus High School’s drama department, working on my seventh production with the school. I am also a Hornet Ambassador, allowing me to assist new students as they adjust to life at the high school. In addition to school activities, I do volunteer lighting design work for Faith Church’s Sunday services.

Q. What is your next goal after high school?

A. I will be attending college to pursue a degree in chemical engineering.

Q. What do you consider your biggest challenge to date?

A. One of the greatest challenges I face is personally managing my time to ensure I maintain the proper balance between academics and a healthy social life. I work at a part-time job, serve weekly at church and maintain a rigorous academic course load. It is often difficult to balance my time.

Q. For what would you like to be remembered?

A. I want to be remembered as someone who is willing to help others who are in need. My grandparents always emulated a willingness to help others. I want to follow their example.

Q. Who is in your family?

A. My parents are Andy and June Ashmar. I have one sibling, my sister, Grace. I have one dog, a chocolate lab named Charlie Brown.

Q. Whom do you admire? Why?

A. I admire my grandparents. My paternal grandparents immigrated from Lebanon with their children, had very few resources and yet they built a successful life for themselves and their children. My maternal grandparents moved to the United States from Puerto Rico and also struggled with very little means yet they had the work ethic to secure employment and establish a home for their children.

Q. Do you have any advice for your peers?

A. I have always been motivated by the saying “strive to thrive, not just survive.” There are many young people who miss rewarding opportunities because they may seem like daunting challenges. Challenging opportunities can be ways for one to grow and develop character.