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Monday, March 25, 2019
Democrat Kathleen Raines Democrat Kathleen Raines
Republican Steven R. Hill Republican Steven R. Hill
Republican J. Aleszczyk Republican J. Aleszczyk


Wednesday, November 1, 2017 by Debbie Galbraith dgalbraith@tnonline.com in Local News

Candidates Hector Vazquez, Kathleen Raines, Steven R. Hill and John J. Aleszczyk are running for three seats on council - four year term.

We asked the candidates the following question - What is the most important issue facing the borough of Alburtis?

Democrat Hector Vazquez

No response.

Democrat Kathleen Raines

Although the warehouses is an important issue right now, there is an issue that will have a far longer effect on the Borough of Alburtis then the traffic. It is the I&I (Inflow and Infiltration) Inflow is what goes into sewer line and Infiltration is water that seeps into our sewer lines. EPA mandated the reduction of I&I into the water system. We are repairing the sewer lines to eliminate leaks. This project will go on for many, many years and is a very costly on going project.

Republican Steven R. Hill

The most important issue as always is how to meet ever rising costs with the limited income that the borough receives from taxes. I will do my best to keep spending under control, and to keep Alburtis a safe and affordable place to live.

Republican John J. Aleszczyk

Don’t Spend Money that we don’t have. In my past 12 years serving council, we have been fiscally responsible while paying down debt and providing excellent services to the residents. The Borough tax base does not include multi-million dollar warehouses and large businesses, and must utilize limited resources and not burden taxpayers. However, we need to balance budget while maintaining borough infrastructure (streets, sewer, etc...) for the best interests of the community. We want to maintain that small town feeling that makes Alburtis an excellent place to live. Spending every dollar like it was your own money.

Democrat Samantha Vanessa Taggart is running unopposed for one seat for a two year term.