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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
Democrat Kathleen Palmer Democrat Kathleen Palmer
Republican Susan Brown Republican Susan Brown
No Affiliation Adam Hite No Affiliation Adam Hite


Wednesday, November 1, 2017 by Debbie Galbraith dgalbraith@tnonline.com in Local News

We asked the candidates the following question - What do you hope to accomplish as mayor of Alburtis in the next four years?

Democrat Kathleen Palmer

My goal is to create a community focused on the future of our Borough – its infrastructure; its businesses; and its residents. To establish community involvement for the betterment of all who reside here. To ensure the health and safety of every single person who lives or works here – by keeping up with technology; grants and programs that are available. To strive in educating our youth about their involvement in the community, after all, they will forge the future of the Borough of Alburtis. I feel my commitment and dedication to Alburtis has been proven and as Mayor, remains the only item on my agenda. It is important that we keep transparency a priority so that all residents have knowledge of the workings of the Borough of Alburtis.

Republican Susan Brown

If elected Mayor, I will promote unity and communication in our community. With so much division in the world, we need to be united, to promote a strong and healthy environment for the people of Alburtis and to demonstrate to our young people what can be achieved by working together. I will be a representative and a voice for the residents of Alburtis. I will encourage communication not only with the police department and our elected officials, but also with the various groups and organizations we have within our community to generate a sense of unity and purpose.

No Affiliation Adam Hite

In the next four years, I hope to maintain the high standards of the Alburtis police, help every resident feel they are part of Alburtis, and establish a five-year plan for the Borough. Hopefully, the baseball field will be restored, the basketball court will be re-surfaced, sidewalks will properly terminated and maintained, and crosswalks will be safely marked. I hope to bring the community together by effectively advocating for all residents of Alburtis.