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Thursday, January 23, 2020
PRESS PHOTO BY JIM MARSHChildren and their parents are able to get an upclose look at the Lehigh Valley Health Network MedEvac helicopter at the community day activities sponsored by firefighters from the township’s two fire stations. Additional photos appear on Page A7.


By JIM MARSH in Local News

Firefighters from the Vera Cruz and Zionsville fire stations of the Upper Milford Fire Department held their annual community day activities at the Upper Milford Township municipal building complex Oct. 5.

Fire, ambulance and Pennsylvania...

PRESS PHOTO BY TARA CARMANPresident of the board of directors for the Emmaus Creative Arts & Innovation Center, Jim Baker shows the tentative floor layout for the vacant warehouse building located on the former Rodale property at the Oct. 7 Emmaus Borough Council meeting.


By TARA CARMAN in Local News

It was first announced at the Emmaus Borough Council meeting Oct. 7. The Emmaus Creative Arts & Innovation Center will be arriving to the borough in the foreseeable future.

The proposed center will occupy the 35,000 square foot vacant...