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Sunday, July 5, 2020


Thursday, May 7, 2020 by MARY PATRICIA FLETCHER Special to The Press in Columns

Farmers Market opens May 21

The information below is accurate as of press time. Please check on upcoming events before going out. Stay safe!

The Macungie Farmers Market will open for the season 4-7 p.m. May 21. The market features local family farmers providing homegrown food: fruits, vegetables, meat products, eggs, baked goods, plants and more. The market will be open 4-7 p.m. Thursdays and is now located on Lumber Street.

Macungie Borough offices are closed to the public. For information, call 610-966-2503.

All indoor and outdoor facilities at Macungie Memorial Park are closed until further notice.

Grace Lutheran Church, 28 W. Main St., has extended the cancellation of worship and all gatherings until the end of May. They will offer a prerecorded church service on Sunday mornings. For more information, go to https://gracemacungie.org or www.facebook.com/GraceMacungie.

Concordia Lutheran Church, 2623 Brookside Road, offers video links for Sunday morning services. They can be accessed at www.facebook.com/concordiamacungie. To be added to the contact list for updates, email concordia.macungie@gmail.com.

All trash placed at the curb for pickup must be bagged in 30-32 gallon trash bags. All trash in garbage cans must be bagged; no loose trash will be collected. Recycling must remain loose in the recycling bins.

The Lower Lehigh Lions have canceled the spring flea market scheduled May 9. The fall flea market has been scheduled for Aug. 22.

At this time, there is no set opening date for the Macungie pool.

Educational programs are offered through Kalmbach Memorial Park. More information is available at kalmbachpark.com.

The Macungie Park board of directors meeting will be held downstairs 7 p.m. May 26.

Weekly bingo on Saturday evenings at Macungie Memorial Park has been canceled until further notice.

Our dog Daisy usually has a fluffy tail that curves upward. One day Caroline said, “What happened to Daisy’s tail?” I looked at Daisy and saw the saddest sight: her tail hung limply down with no curve or wag. Daisy kept turning to look at it, as if to say, “What is this strange thing hanging down behind me?” She didn’t seem to be in pain and nothing seemed broken so I did some investigation online.

There is actually something called “limber tail syndrome” that perfectly described Daisy’s tail. It’s a muscle strain or sprain usually caused by hard hitting of the tail, swimming in cold water or general overexertion and usually resolves itself in a week. Putting two and two together, we realized that it was probably from the wrestling match called a bath the day before. Sure enough, each day her tail was a little perkier until it was back to normal.

Today a friend delivered some gift certificates we had purchased a while ago. She approached my husband, clad in the ubiquitous face mask, while my husband, also face-masked, walked down the driveway. He called out, “Stop there! Just put the envelope on the ground!” She stopped, confused, and said, “But you have to sign for it.” Matt started laughing and replied, “No, I was just kidding.”

The copy deadline for the June 3 column will be May 28.