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Sunday, July 5, 2020


Thursday, April 9, 2020 by DOUG GRAVES Special to The Press in Local News

Supervisors cancel April 2 meeting

Upper Milford Township Supervisors canceled their scheduled meeting April 2 in deference to the coronavirus crises that is increasingly bringing Lehigh Valley governments to a slow walk as cautions against contagion are adopted.

According to Upper Milford Township Supervisor Joyce Moore, the supervisors decided to forgo the meeting altogether instead of opting for a remote meeting via Zoom (a meeting app) that Lehigh County Commissioners used for their meeting last week.

Moore said they weren’t sure constituents would understand how to use the remote meeting software which allows members of the public to monitor in real time the meeting and to make comments if desired.

“It would be difficult to get public input,” Moore said. She said supervisors came to the office to sign checks for bills, a chore traditionally done at regular meetings.

With the national, state and county all having declared a state of emergency, The Press asked Moore if an emergency manager had yet been named to replace the one terminated last year.

Moore said none has been named and Township Manager Bud Cole would handle any duties required if a need arises. “Bud is technically the emergency manager,” Moore said.