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Monday, June 1, 2020


Thursday, March 19, 2020 by SHARON SCHRANTZ Special to The Press in Local News

Local projects

Borough Engineer Stan Wojciechowski talked about several ongoing projects at the March 16 Macungie Borough Council meeting.

The project for South Church Street Americans with Disabilities Act ramps was advertised for bids. The project must be awarded by April 15.

Phase 2 improvements for Stone Hill Meadows have been completed including storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water lines. Several roads have been paved. Phase 3 is also beginning. All lots have been rough graded with curbing and paving to be installed.

The bank construction has begun at Main Street Commons. Water, sewer, traffic signal and road widening will follow.

The streetscape project is experiencing issues over expenses as to where the money is coming from, whether it is from the grant or Macungie borough, including tax money. President John Yerman is working on the transparent accounting of expenses.

Questions arose over the issue of volunteers working for the borough. For example, as people are pulling weeds in bump outs, traffic on Route 100 gets very close. If the volunteers get hit by a vehicle while working, who pays for that?

This issue was further expressed as a problem when a resident offered to re-do the stairs at Macungie Institute but was told not to do so due to conflict with the union, taking work away from union workers.

Macungie Institute plans came into the discussion again. There are no plans for maintenance for the building and existing trustees are not functioning as planned. The Macungie Institute president is trying to get new trustees in place and create plans for usage, budgeting and maintenance.

Rosemarie Nonnenmacher, borough assistant treasurer/clerk, submitted her request for retirement, effective July. Council accepted her request with regret. Finding a replacement will be difficult. That process will be established in the coming weeks.

Karen Billger was appointed to the Macungie Institute Board of Trustees which is a three-year term expiring in March 2023.

Debra Cope was re-appointed to the civil service commission as an alternate.

A discussion was held regarding non-registered cars on private property.

It was discussed how to hold council meetings moving forward due to COVID-19. A resolution was established that the mayor will call for emergency management. Presently the advisory is to hold meetings of less than 10.

Yard waste passes for Lower Macungie Township and Emmaus are being created. More information will follow.

There was an executive session held on personnel matters.