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Monday, June 1, 2020

Lower Macungie Township board of commissioners

Wednesday, January 29, 2020 by SHARON SCHRANTZ Special to The Press in Local News

Jaindl Commercial Park discussed

During the Jan. 16 Lower Macungie Township Board of Commissioners meeting, the proposed Jaindl Commercial Park North was discussed. A proposed office building with a restaurant was suggested. A conditional use hearing was held to discuss stamped crosswalks at intersections and across driveways. Also included was Americans with Disabilities Act access and a discussion of the architecture of the building.

A resident from Fish Hatchery Road spoke about the traffic in the area. It is a large volume of vehicles with high speed. This will be forwarded to the safety commission which will check out ways to improve the area. It was suggested speed humps be considered with the understanding there is a lot of negative input over this issue as experienced on Mill Creek Road. The resident was given instructions to complete a form and this will then be turned over to the safety commission.

There was an executive session held to discuss litigation, disposition of property and personnel.

In other business, Upper Macungie Township is looking to improve their sanitary sewer. They are asking for their monitoring system to be relocated to the area of Spring Creek and Mill Creek roads. This was approved.

The 2020 fee schedule was amended and approved. Certain fees were increased with additional allowances for non-residents for certain programs after township residents have been considered.

The deputy tax collector was appointed after a delay due to the investigation about the certification of this individual. It was determined certification of the deputy was not necessary. JoAnna McAllister, the tax collector’s secretary, was appointed to this position.

Stone Hill Meadows was discussed. The project is progressing. It was determined certain parts of the project are to be completed by June 1 and no further building permits will be issued if these items are not completed. Fifty percent of all paved trails are to be completed. Required planting of trees and flowers and seeding for grass near basins and public areas are to be completed. Fencing is to be completed in areas where the development’s public areas meet up with private lots.

The board spoke about a commissioner being included on the library board. This is in addition to a staff person which is also part of the library board. President Ron Beitler volunteered to be this person.