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Friday, January 24, 2020


Thursday, July 18, 2019 by SHARON SCHRANTZ Special to The Press in Local News

Borough manager search begins

The borough manager job search has begun to replace current manager Chris Boehm who announced her retirement at the July 1 meeting.

An advertisement was created which is basically the job description.

There was discussion over requirements including years of experience, education, location of residency due to the need to be available and start date which includes time to be with the Boehm. Salary was discussed with comparisons made to neighboring communities.

The advertisement will run for a month and a half with interviewing to begin in October and a start date in December.

In other business, there was a request for two signs to be posted for the 250th anniversary of the railroad along Main Street at the flower garden. There was concern about underground irrigation pipes.

A resident expressed concern about the railroad crossing on Route 100. There are holes around the crossing. The resident has been in touch with Norfolk Southern with no action and no return calls. Norfolk Southern is responsible for the repairs. Council Member John Yerman suggested a letter be written with a copy sent to the resident.

An executive session was held over a personnel matter.

Mayor Ronald Conrad will be reviewing the policy on body cameras.

The roadwork on West Chestnut Street was commended. The workers were very polite and the work was completed quickly.

A discussion arose over speeding on Church Street. The police have been monitoring it and have ticketed motorists.

The zoning/code enforcement officer application process is moving along. Interviews are expected July 17.

Council member Roseann Schleicher raised an issue about a bush used in the bump outs. Butterfly bushes were used and they are invasive. They were supposed to be winterberry bushes.

Macungie Volunteer Fire Department has agreed to engagement procedures with a CPA. Council is just waiting for the report from the CPA.