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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Levinson announces candidacy

Thursday, April 11, 2019 by CONTRIBUTED ARTICLE in Local News

Dr. Joshua Levinson, Ph.D., originally appointed to the East Penn School Board in September 2018, is excited to announce he has decided to run for a full four-year term on the board of school directors of the East Penn School District.

From an early age, Levinson became acutely aware of the importance of education and this gave him a strong appreciation for how one’s experiences in school can shape personal and professional interests to foster future success.

Originally from upstate New York, Levinson moved to Zionsville, part of the East Penn School District, with his wife in 2001 and he currently has two children attending Emmaus High School. Naturally, he wishes to see his children have a high-quality public education that will ultimately help them to succeed.

“I am a proud product of the public education system,” Levinson said, “and this foundation enabled me to pursue my educational and professional opportunities in engineering. After high school, I attended MIT and Stanford University in pursuit of B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in chemical engineering. I presently work for a semiconductor equipment manufacturer and I have also worked in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor device manufacturing sectors.”

Levinson’s experience also includes six years teaching at the collegiate level, which offers him a unique perspective on how the quality of schooling can impact academic and professional preparedness.

Levinson has firm beliefs regarding key issues within the school district. Levinson states he seeks “to advocate for educational opportunities for students, for good governance within the district and for efficient use of taxpayer-provided resources.”

Levinson views the formulation of the budget, obtaining the necessary resources for the classroom and ensuring a positive district climate as important focus areas while serving as a member of the board. Levinson feels his background in problem-solving and in systematic analysis are “useful for making common sense decisions that will achieve quality outcomes on these priorities.”

In addition to his service on the district’s school board, Levinson is also a current board member of the EPSD Education Foundation, where he assists with its various fundraising activities and also with developing ways to provide STEAM (Science - Technology - Engineering - Arts - Mathematics) related resources (i.e., people and activities) to classrooms and schools within the school district.

Collectively, Levinson views the opportunity to continue serving as a school board director as being inline with his desire to help the children – including his own – and the related members of the community through the application of his knowledge, experience and passion for public education.

“I hope to help to continue making East Penn School District one of the premier districts in this region and in the state while serving with both integrity and honesty,” Levinson said.