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Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Friday, December 21, 2018 by SHARON SCHRANTZ Special to The Press in Local News

Mayor vetoes 4.25 mills tax increase

Macungie Mayor Ron Conrad vetoed Ordinance 2018-07, establishing the 2019 real estate tax at 4.25 mills at the Dec. 17 Macungie Borough Council meeting.

Conrad proposed another budget to accommodate increased expenses. His revised budget would increase the real estate tax to 4.32 mills. On a property valued at $250,000, homeowners would see an increase of approximately $17 and a property valued at $125,000 house would see an increase of approximately $8.

The real estate tax was approved at 4.25 mills during the Dec. 3 council meeting.

Council overturned the veto and the real estate tax was approved at 4.25 mills. The budget can still revised.

In other meeting news, fire hydrants have been painted in the borough with the top caps painted red. The color is a symbol of the water pressure within the borough.

The Tyler Pipe property is currently being used by Mack Trucks who is renting the property to park truck cabs. They are suggesting a notice of their intent to remediate. This includes studying the land including the soil. It has already been determined the land will remain non-residential.

Lower Macungie Township has created an extensive trail system. It is up to the borough to find a way to connect that system with the township. It has to be planned for funding purposes.

Complaints were received about the Church Street road surface. It had some roadwork done but it is only the “scratch” coat.

The rental inspector position is to be advertised. The position will not be paid by the hour and the position will not be an employee of the borough. There will be a fee schedule for various types of services. The thought was to give the duties to the zoning officer but that person does not want these duties.

The farmers market money is in the general fund. The balance of these monies is over $5,000. The farmers market is suggesting they become a separate entity. This is being considered.

A resident spoke of his displeasure at the possibility of a liquor license at Turkey Hill. The license had been denied by council but through an appeal has been approved. It will have to go through the channels to go before council again.