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Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Friday, December 21, 2018 by SHARON SCHRANTZ Special to The Press in Local News

Two more warehouses approved

The Lower Macungie Township Board of Commissioners approved two new warehouses at the Dec. 6 meeting.

Resolution 2018-29, which is for the Spring Creek Properties lots seven and eight, was approved by commissioners. The proposed development allows for two warehouses. One will be a 1,088,000 square foot building. The second will be 271,080 square feet.

These buildings were originally part of a plan approved in 2013. Although there have been restrictions for warehouses within the township, this development plan was approved prior to those restrictions.

Commissioners also approved Resolution 2018-28, the final plan for 5374-5392 Hamilton Boulevard. The site is near Krocks Road and the Meadowyck Condominium development. This plan includes a one-story 2,676 square-foot Taco Bell restaurant and a two-story 6,600 square-foot office building. The plan also includes a sidewalk connector.

Streetlights have been requested in two developments. After reviewing the areas and following the township’s protocol, these areas have been approved. The developments approved for streetlights are the Hills at Lockridge and the Estates at Millrace.

In other meeting business, a grant requested to fund an inclusive playground has been denied. According to earlier coverage by The Press, the grant was requested by the community center.

A resident from Minesite Road spoke about issues he has brought before several township personnel and has not received answers. His concerns include driveway access and water issues. Several neighbors are also included in this concern. There was some response in that this is a neighbor dispute but the resident said certain township codes are involved as well. Township Manager Bruce Beitel instructed the gentlemen to leave his contact information and he will look into the problem.

Beitel also spoke about the request for a guard rail on Sauerkraut Road. Beitel stated after further investigation a guard rail was not warranted.

The traffic situation at Willow Lane and Wheatland Drive seems to have been remedied. This is believed to have been solved with the traffic light at Willow Lane and Sauerkraut Lane. Therefore, no further action will occur.

The Woodbine Road and Catalpa Drive area with the water issues and mosquitoes is still under investigation.

The Mertztown Road water problem has been determined to be a private matter, therefore, the township officials cannot do anything about it.

A speed board was installed on Chestnut Road. The information received showed few speeding incidents, therefore, nothing more will be done with this situation.