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Thursday, April 25, 2019


Thursday, December 6, 2018 by sharon schrantz Special to The Press in Local News

Police testing consortium proposed

At the Nov. 19 Macungie Borough Council meeting, it was brought to the attention of council Lehigh County is considering a police testing consortium. It would be available through the Internet where an applicant would be able to apply online and take the required tests. Municipalities would be responsible for interviewing, background checks and other requirements for their areas.

Borough Manager Chris Boehm, talked about the cost benefits for municipalities. Officer in Charge Sgt. Travis Kocher is in agreement with this proposal. The borough will need to adopt a resolution.

Council President Chris Becker questioned the police about replacement of a vehicle. The Dodge Chrysler, car #705, will be sold.

Discussion continued about the police department vehicles. Ryan Heiser, public works mechanic, advised the need for four vehicles versus three. Heiser said there have been times when only two vehicles were available for use.

A resident questioned why there are four police officers working on the same shift. Mayor Ryan Conrad asked Kocher if he recommends four full-time and two part-time officers for the 2019 budget. Kocher requested it remain status quo for 2019.

A police report was given showing 175 incidents. Included in these incidents were four arrests, 15 traffic citations, 17 vehicle stops, two warnings and six accidents. The yearly total for incidents is 2,182.

Macungie Ambulance submitted a report to council including 351 calls with 27 calls in Macungie.

The borough of Alburtis will reimburse Macungie for half of the expense from the recycling event. Macungie’s Town Beautification committee will reimburse for maintenance on odd years.

Three or four people are interested in the rental inspector position. A job description was reviewed and approved.

Carl Sell was appointed to fill the zoning hearing board vacancy with Richard Stuka being approved as an alternate.

Budget discussion revolved around a $9,690 surplus. This occurred because of some numbers being mistakenly entered. Becker suggested the real estate tax be changed from .00426 to .00425.

Most of council suggested keeping the budget as it was proposed and keeping the surplus for unexpected expenses.

The mayor said he would veto the tax ordinance if the two 30-hour police officers were not included.