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Sunday, May 31, 2020


Thursday, December 6, 2018 by LORETTA FENSTERMACHER Special to The Press in Local News

Truck traffic woes continue

During the Alburtis Borough Council meeting Nov. 28, Alburtis Mayor Kathleen Palmer reported she received correspondence from Ronald W. Beitler, president of Lower Macungie Board of Commissioners about lots nine and 10 of the warehouses located behind Cold Nose Lodge in Alburtis and he was expected to attend the meeting.

Shortly afterward Palmer’s announcement, Beitler arrived and immediately joined in the discussion about the problems with trucks turning onto Spring Creek Road from Route 100 and entering or leaving Congdon Hill Drive at the light on Spring Creek Road. Truckers, looking for Alburtis Road, follow their incorrect or not updated GPS device directions, and miss the posted signs on Spring Creek Road and drive into Alburtis.

“Anything you need we will work with you,” Beitler said.

There is a proposal for a 180,000 square foot warehouse across from Schoeneck Road and a developer is interested in land development. Also, there is talk at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation about putting in a roundabout at Congdon Hill Drive and taking down the traffic light, according to Beitler.

Alburtis Council President Ron DeIaco asked Beitler to ask the developer to put a temporary sign at Spring Creek Road and Route 100 and to ask PennDOT to put up temporary signs.

Council questioned Beitler about the Sauerkraut Lane extension, as it is believed if Sauerkraut Lane was opened, it would solve a lot of problems for truckers and Alburtis police. Beitler advised council the Sauerkraut Lane extension is moving forward and will be finished within the next two years. DeIaco asked Beitler to take the information discussed to the powers that be and let council know what happens.

In other meeting news, council members discussed a memo from Michael Marks sent to local police chiefs about testing of applicants and correspondence from Montgomery Township Police Consortium, showing comparisons of surrounding jurisdictions and information about their testing, including fees, failure rates and more. The Police Civil Service Consortium is in the process of making changes.

“Before you change the civil service rules or qualifications take a look at the ones listed under Alburtis and talk to the civil service agent. Think about it,” borough solicitor David Knerr, said. He advised members of council before they passed a resolution they should look over everything; the oral test, written test, physical and agility test, the background investigation and all the rules and costs.

The Sanctuary at Haafsville sent their contract for 2019 for council approval. A motion was passed to accept the contract showing the amount for Alburtis Borough is not to exceed $400, the same as last year. The sanctuary picks up stray dogs and cats in the borough and is a no kill shelter.

Council passed a motion approving the fiscal consultant’s report. A motion was passed approving the meeting minutes of Nov. 14. A motion was passed approving the bills of Nov. 28 for payment.

Right before the meeting adjourned, Alburtis Councilman Stephen Kaufman said the deed for Lockridge Church is limited to recreation and conservation.

“We will have to put money into it to get money out of it. It needs a new bathroom. Think about what we want to do with it,” Kaufman said.