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Monday, April 22, 2019
CONTRIBUTED PHOTOTed Nugent, 8 p.m. July 11, Penn’s Peak, Jim Thorpe. Copyright - 2008 Getty Images CONTRIBUTED PHOTOTed Nugent, 8 p.m. July 11, Penn’s Peak, Jim Thorpe. Copyright - 2008 Getty Images

Ted Nugent still rockin’ the American Dream

Monday, July 9, 2018 by ERIN FERGUSON Special to The Press in Focus

Ted Nugent takes center stage with his “The Music Made Me Do It” 2018 tour, 8 p.m. July 11, Penn’s Peak, Jim Thorpe.

Nugent, who has sold more than 40 million albums and performed more than 6,500 shows, has been dubbed “the ultimate guitar-shredding showman carving his place in rock ‘n’ roll history.”

In a phone interview, Nugent says, “The music made me do it. That’s not only the title track to my new record, it’s my battle cry for more than 60 years to pursue this incredible soundtrack to my happiness, craving for creative adventure, the ultimate guitar tone and overall quality of life.

“My ‘The Music Made Me Do It’ summer tour 2018 will truly be the best tour of my life. The upcoming hunting season looks to be the best of my life. I am a full-time, crazy, happy husband, dad, grandpa, musician, songwriter, TV host-writer-producer, author, employer, entrepreneur, hunter, fisher, trapper, conservationist, environmentalist, mechanic, farmer, rancher, sheriff deputy, writer, political force and life-adventurer.

“I don’t settle for the road less traveled. I stalk non-roads untraveled both literally and figuratively and am having the time of my life doing so. The music still makes me do it,” Nugent emphasizes.

The 69-year-old Michigan native’s career spans five decades of multi-platinum hits, including “Journey To The Center Of The Mind” (1968) with The Amboy Dukes; “Stranglehold,” from his 1975 solo album, and “Cat Scratch Fever,” from his 1977 multiple-platinum-selling third album.

Although his life soundtrack is loved by fans and his performances are undeniably high-energy celebrations, his passion is for his Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids, a nonprofit to teach children about the outdoors and archery.

“We started the Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids non-profit charity way back in 1989 shortly after the death of my friend and hero Fred Bear [a bow hunter]. At his direction, I took my celebrity resources to attract families to learn about being the best you can be, remaining clean and sober and to be accountable in our consumerism while learning the joys of hunting, fishing and trapping and hands-on conservation.

“The army of amazing volunteers deserve all the credit at our annual camps. They are doing God’s work and saving lives,” Nugent says.

Nugent performed for 44,000 Marines, Navy servicemen and their families in 2005 at “Rockin’ the Corps,” Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif., and joined country music star Toby Keith on a USO Tour of the Persian Gulf. Nugent has donated backstage passes to veterans attending his concerts.

“We the people of America know damn well that freedom is not free and we do all we can to let the warriors know how much we thank and salute them all,” says Nugent.

“I have been blessed and humbled beyond measure to be invited into the lives of U.S. military heroes since the 1960s because they like my attitude, how I always fight for our sacred Second Amendment rights, and my defiant spirit against political correctness and the heartbreaking abuse of power in our government. We owe them for their sacrifices.”

In addition to Penn’s Peak, Nugent’s “The Music Made Me Do It” tour includes concerts at The Theater at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Atlantic City, N.J.; Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, Tenn., and Celebrity Theatre, Phoenix, Ariz.

“Oh, Lord have mercy,” says Nugent. “The Nugent American R and B, rock ‘n’ roll dream throttles on in that not so quiet night 60-plus years later. Hallelujah! and pass the freedom BBQ.

“The tour and new record title is yet another example of pure stream of consciousness instinctual grinding soul music pragmatism. Because the damn music made me do it. Not a damn thing I can do. The music made me do it. Now I’m gonna do it to you.

“My origins of the ultimate fire-breathing musical authority of Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, James Brown, Motown, Wilson Pickett and all the masters are not only alive and well, but more powerful in my musical dreams than ever before.

“Not only because it is the most soulful, uppity, energetic, defiant soundtrack to the American Dream, but because it is needed and celebrated now more than ever to counterpunch the pathetic soulless pop drivel running amok out there.”

“There is a soundtrack to the American Dream, and it is ultra-high energy, fiery passionate R and B rock ‘n’-roll of virtual animal uninhibitedness. Real music will cleanse the soul, and me and my killer band are here to save you,” says Nugent.

Tickets: Penn’s Peak box office, 325 Maury Road, Jim Thorpe; pennspeak.com; ticketmaster.com; 800-745-3000