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Sunday, June 16, 2019


Thursday, May 3, 2018 by loretta fenstermacher Special to The Press in Local News

Ordinance approved regarding smoking, receptacles and peddling licenses

Alburtis Borough Council members discussed recent state bills regarding 96-foot-wide trucks and 102-foot-wide semi-trucks and how they will affect the borough at its April 25 meeting.

The bills were passed to update the current state laws and would allow municipalities to block off specific roads to trucks but they must prove a hardship case. The bills have not been signed by Gov. Tom Wolf yet and after 180 days they will go into effect.

Officer Tony Vanim made council aware of his opposition.

Matt Szuchyt, from the office of state Sen. Pat Brown, R-16th, and Ken Navitsky from the office of state Rep. Ryan Mackenzie, R-134th, were present and claimed both offices will back the borough if they can prove a hardship case.

Council decided to pursue this and passed a motion to make a list of roads important to the borough before signs are removed.

Ordinance No. 545, amending several codified ordinances, was adopted by council. This ordinance prohibits smoking on property owned or leased by the borough; it requires people to properly se- cure receptacles for the collection of recyclables and solid waste materials and clarifies the time for putting anything out for collection to be no earlier than 5 p.m. the day before collection is scheduled.

The ordinance increases the fee for a peddling license to $25 for each period of up to five consecutive calendar days and requires all applicants for a license to submit criminal history record information reports.

The ordinance authorizes denial of a license to people with unsatisfactory reports. A $1 annual license fee shall be issued to charitable or philanthropic enterprises, farmers and manufacturers or producers selling bread and bakery products, meat and meat products or milk and milk products organized and existing or residing within the borough.

Ramone Reinbold and his wife attended the meeting to ask council if a small section on Stone Alley would be paved. They were advised it is on the list.

Macungie Ambulance Corps reported they responded to 280 calls for service in March and seven of those calls were in Alburtis Borough.

Maintenance Supervisor Donnie Derr reported the borough streets have all been swept. Well No. 3 was repaired by Kohl Brothers. Lehigh County Authority has finished TVing and flushing the sewer lines until this coming fall. Parts to repair a leak at the sewer station have been ordered.

Borough Manager Sharon Trexler received a memo from Rayne Reitnauer of Cold Nose Lodge asking the borough to request a meeting at the railroad crossing to discuss safety options. However, ever since the railroad crossing has been closed for repairs, the traffic has increased on Front and Main streets dramatically. Council decided they do not want to be involved with closing this railroad crossing.

Trexler reported the spotted lantern fly nymphs are getting warmer and close to hatching. New York state is inspecting trucks for spotted lantern flies to know they are not carrying them from state to state. The United States Department of Agriculture is providing $1.9 million to conduct a statewide survey and to keep it within the now controlled area.

Council went into an executive session to discuss a personnel issue. The meeting adjourned 8:10 p.m.

Council passed a motion approving the community yard sale to be held Sept. 8.