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Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Thursday, April 12, 2018 by DOUGLAS GRAVES Special to The Press in Local News

Residents raise concerns about neighboring property

A swarm of aggravated neighbors attended the April 5 meeting to ask Upper Milford Township Supervisors for help with cleaning up a nearby neighbor’s property and taming the neighbor’s activities.

They didn’t get any help, but they did get some free advice: fill out a form with the zoning and code compliance officer.

“It’s a process,” Supervisor Daniel Mohr explained.

Once the zoning officer makes a report, then the supervisors may refer the matter to a magistrate.

Supervisor Joyce Moore suggested the residents could also go to a magistrate directly.

Kelly Nyenscek represented one of about 12 separate households which attended the supervisor’s meeting to voice complaints.

Nyenscek complained vehicles associated with the property on South 7th St. in Emmaus are “obstructing the road” and causing her to wait for extended periods of time before she can travel on the road.

Complaints from other residents included: “property looking like a junk yard; children are endangered; cars going in and out at all hours” and unhappiness with an apparently homeless woman living in a vehicle on the property.

After the residents left the meeting and congregated in the hallway, the residents still were agitated. The general attitude of the complaining residents was frustration the supervisors have no authority to directly resolve their complaints.

In other business, Supervisor Robert Sentner, representing the fire department, said earlier in the day, 11 fire companies arrived to deal with a fire at 6697 Ridge Road. He said responding companies included the two Upper Milford Township-based companies – Vera Cruz Fire Department Station 28 and the Western District Fire Company.

Supervisor Joyce Moore reported there will be an “Earth Day” event at Emmaus Community Park April 14. It will be an opportunity to recycle electronic equipment, according to Moore. She said registration for the event will begin 8:30 a.m.