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Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Thursday, April 12, 2018 by SHARON SCHRANTZ Special to The Press in Local News

Lutron presents donations to first responders

Andy Hines, a representative from Lutron, presented donations to the Alburtis Fire Department, Lower Macungie Township Fire Department and the Macungie Ambulance Corps at the April 5 Lower Maungie Township Board of Commissioners meeting. Each department was given $2,000 which was due to an oversight from last year. Gratitude was expressed by each department.

Macungie Ambulance Corps provided its bi-annual report to commissioners. There were 3,645 ambulance calls in 2017. Corps personnel have new uniforms and the shirt is blue instead of white. Bulletproof vests are now part of their attire. The building was enlarged and a room was added to be used to eventually house 11 vehicles.

The year of 2017 also included the purchase and installation of Stryker powered cots and load system in each ambulance.

A preliminary subdivision and land development approval was passed for Stone Hill Meadows Phase 2.

A pre-construction agreement was approved for Spring Creek Properties Subdivision 2.

John Miller, a member of the audit advisory committee has resigned. Matthew Wiswesser was appointed for a term to expire the first Monday in January 2020.

A resident from Willow and Wheatland streets wrote a letter to commissioners regarding continued speeding and lack of concern for the school area crossing. Commissioners responded the traffic engineer is waiting for the installation of a traffic light.

A resident shared his concern for Rodale Park. There is after hours traffic in the park with evidence of inappropriate activities. Commissioners said this will be investigated and forwarded to the state police.

Kent Yorgey, with the Ben Yorgey Foundation, is requesting road closure for the annual “Hey I know you” event which includes a 5K race which begins 8:30 a.m. July 21. This was approved.

The redesign of Wild Cherry Park to allow for better parking was discussed. Several suggestions were made but not approved as of yet. Further discussion will be held in the near future.

A plan was submitted to Lehigh County Authority for incorporation into EPA submission. This plan – capacity, management, operations and maintenance – is one of the township’s biggest expenditures. It pertains to various rehabilitation projects within the sewer system.

Approval was given for requesting a grant for the community center inclusive playground project.

Approval was also given for authorizing a grant application for multimodal transportation funds for sidewalks and crosswalks.

A request was made to acquire a grant to purchase the 45-acre Wertman land to add to the Reimert Memorial Bird Haven. This was approved.

Nate Jones was hired as assistant planning director and will start around mid to late May.

A resident in the Beaumont Development asked to put up a fence due to the installation of a pool and asked for a variance.

Two concerns were raised. One involved drainage, although the proposed fence is an open fence with three poles within the drainage area. The other concern involved the fence impeding any need to deal with a drainage pipe. The resident signed a form that would release the township of any damage due to accessing the pipe.

Commissioner Brian Higgins felt this situation is highly restrictive. The ordinance stated nothing shall be in an easement. There are no other requests for fences in the area since a concern was given over establishing a precedent. The commissioners passed the variance by a vote of 3-2.

A fidelity bond was established for the tax collector.

McMahon and Associates attended the meeting to propose a remedy for the speeding problems on Mill Creek Road. The result will be speed humps and redesigned signs. There will be four speed humps installed approximately 200 to 600 feet apart.

There are three main roadway improvements needed. Improvement, education and enforcement are the three items which were kept in mind to make this proposal. The proposal was approved to a round of applause. The plan should be available in about a month.

An executive session was held prior to the meeting for real estate and personnel issues.