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Saturday, June 15, 2019


Thursday, March 22, 2018 by LORETTA FENSTERMACHER Special to The Press in Local News

Exterior walkways at Alburtis Lock Ridge Church need repair

During Alburtis Borough Council meeting March 14, Borough Manager Sharon Trexler reported she received a letter from Robin Bullock, safety management specialist, Selective Insurance Safety Management, with one recommendation resulting from a March 5 meeting.

The exterior walkways in the front and rear of Alburtis Lock Ridge Church, 407 Franklin St., should be repaired as they are uneven and deteriorating. Bullock wrote no other hazardous conditions were observed and suggested the borough continue to exercise good safety and risk management practices at all times.

President Ron DeIaco asked Trexler to speak with Maintenance Supervisor Donald Derr about fixing the pavers and sidewalks.

In other meeting news, maintenance personnel will be reading water meters.

Well number three needs a new electric panel and the borough is getting a quote. The current panel is from 1974. Although this well is down and the water pressure may drop temporarily, there will be water. The sewer lines were full of roots but the lines were treated by Dukes Root Control. The leveler tube was replaced at the sewer station.

American and welcome flags have been put up throughout town. The new borough pickup truck is in service and the snow plow has been installed and the lettering is completed. The garage door openers have been replaced and all repairs have been completed.

Macungie Ambulance Corps reported in February they responded to 299 calls for service and six were in the borough.

Trexler reported she is attending Lehigh Valley Hazard Mitigation meetings as the last plan was in 2013 and is updated every five years. New hazards to be profiled in the 2018 Lehigh Plan are “invasive species, infectious diseases, drug overdose deaths and mass population evacuation.” Coordinated with 62 local municipalities, Oct. 20 is the date set for municipal adoption of an approved plan.

A two-page newsletter was received from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, “PennDot Connects” which is filled with information about what they do.

“They are trying to make things work for all of us,” Trexler said.

The borough received PennDot’s annual request for volunteers for their statewide spring beautification effort. Trexler will put something on the borough website asking for volunteers beginning April 7. It was mentioned the Camp Fire Girls and Cub Scouts usually help.

A memo was received from Keystone Recreation, Park & Conservation Fund about what they do. They are celebrating 25 years of successful Keystone funding.

A memo “Young Lungs at Play” was received about second hand smoke and how it is bad for everyone, especially children. Council discussed adding an amendment to an existing ordinance banning smoking at all borough properties. If approved, three signs will be needed.

Council went into an executive session. Following their return, the meeting was immediately adjourned with no further comments or discussion.