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Monday, February 24, 2020
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Article By: CHUCK HIXSON Special to the Press

Thursday, February 22, 2018 by CHUCK HIXSON Special to the Press in Sports

It’s very possible that a few years down the road, if you suffer an injury of some sort, someone from this year’s graduating class from Emmaus will be treating you in one way or another. Of the 11 student athletes signing letters of intent last week, five of them are heading for careers in the medical field.

Hunter Krauss (Lacrosse) and Adam LeMaster (baseball) are both heading to college to study physical therapy. Krauss will attend the University of Hartford, while LeMaster is going to be attending East Stroudsburg University.

Emily Ingalls (field hockey) will major in occupational therapy at West Chester. Rachael Miller (soccer) will be at East Stroudsburg for a double major in biology and to take part in the physician’s assistant program. Leah Zellner (field hockey) will head to the University of Iowa for a degree in radiation sciences.

Zellner’s interest in radiation sciences came partially out of the injuries that she’s suffered during her sports career. She also has a cousin who is a radiology technician, and she asked a lot of questions about the career as she started to think about her future.

When she found that she could get the best of both the academic and athletic world at Iowa, Zellner’s decision came into focus.

“The coach had emailed my coach about me playing and she was interested,” said Zellner, who also looked at Michigan, Old Dominion, Princeton and Virginia. “When I started looking at their website, it turned out that they had a top-notch radiology program and a really good field hockey program, so it was a good balance.”

LeMaster still has his senior sports season to go through and is looking forward to one final season on the field with his friends and teammates.

LeMaster’s coach, Mike Mihalik, spoke of LeMaster’s pitching performance in a 1-0, 16-inning win over Parkland last season and noted that he had no room for error and handled the pressure perfectly. LeMaster said that game is definitely one of the biggest things he’ll remember about his high school baseball career.

Like Zellner, he discovered a good fit for him academically and athletically at East Stroudsburg.

“I really enjoyed their campus and liked the coaches there,” said LeMaster. “Sports medicine has always interested me and I decided to pursue that. Being at East Stroudsburg, I’m sort of close to home, but I get to be on my own a little, too.”

Athletic Director Dennis Ramella noted that Emmaus has had somewhat of a pipeline with the University of Hartford, with a number of student athletes deciding to head north to further their careers in the classroom and on the field.

Krauss didn’t initially consider Hartford, but when they pursued him, they quickly moved to the top of his list.

“I went to a tournament and they asked my coach to give me a call and I figured why not,” said Krauss. “It turned out that it was the right fit for me and I’m thankful that they initiated that process, because it was what I was looking for in a school, not too big, but not too small.

“It’s not in the city, but it’s close enough that if I did want to go into the city and do something with friends or teammates, it was right there. I just loved it when I walked on campus and knew that was where I wanted to go.”

For soccer player Rachael Miller, her college education will begin at East Stroudsburg, where she’ll major in biology with a pre-med course of studies. After that, she plans on going to grad school to get a degree as a physician’s assistant.

She credits the people she’s met along the way in high school with helping her to achieve her dreams.

“I’ll always remember the players that I played with on the high school team and on the club teams that I was on,” said Miller, who is looking forward to attending East Stroudsburg. “I had great coaching, both on the club teams and with coach [Sarah] Oswald, who was really instrumental for me.

“I liked their biology program and all of the girls on the team and coach Berkowitz, it turned out to be a perfect match for me.”