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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Wednesday, January 17, 2018 by LORETTA FENSTERMACHER Special to The Press in Local News

Motion passes for part-time police officer

The Jan. 10 meeting of Alburtis Borough Council opened with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mayor Kathleen Palmer reported some residents’ garbage was left out during the recent frigid weather because it was not picked up. Residents asked if they will be getting a fine. President Ron DeIaco said they will not because some of the bags stuck to the pavement since it was so cold; the volume of garbage was more than usual so the trucks were full and the dump closed at 3:30 p.m. However, if it happens again, the residents will be fined.

Mayor Palmer also reported some people at Lock Ridge are watching their water budget and they are concerned because some of their water bills have doubled. Borough Manager Sharon Trexler suggested having the residents call the office and it will be checked out because some water lines froze and some burst during the recent frigid weather.

Alburtis Police Chief Robert Palmer, in answer to a question about truck traffic stops, advised borough council members the department is down on truck traffic stops because of a temporary shortage of police officers, but stops are picking back up again.

Chief Palmer advised council he is looking for qualified police officers to fill all shifts. He requested permission to hire, contingent upon passing psychological and physical testing, a highly qualified retired Allentown Police Officer, Capt. Daniel Weiderman, who is looking for a part-time position. His qualifications include an associate degree in criminal justice and other degrees or certifications in the criminal justice field. Council passed a motion granting permission to hire Weiderman contingent upon his passing psychological and physical tests.

In other meeting business, the basketball court needs to be sealed and the lines need to be painted and Kathleen Raines, a member of council, asked Maintenance Supervisor Donnie Derr for information on having it done. Derr told Raines the court had to be sealed and the project should be done by a professional. Raines hopes to have more information on the project by the next meeting, wanted to give council advance notice on this upcoming project and wants to have it done in the spring.

Derr reported the holiday flags and decorations are down and crews are working on cleaning out storm drains and moving into the new pole building shop. A borough truck is in for repairs. Meanwhile, repairs are completed at the sewer station but a new air compressor for the leveler is needed. Lehigh County Authority crews are in the borough to flush and check the lines in the Hills at Lock Ridge subdivision.

Macungie Ambulance Corps officials reported the corps responded to 337 calls for service in December 2017 and 10 of the calls were in Alburtis borough. A mutual aid provider responded to one call in Alburtis borough while they were on other calls.

Alburtis resident Denise Holland brought to council a parking problem on Park Lane that happened because yellow lines were not painted when work was done on the street a few years ago. Because of this, people are parking anywhere and everywhere they want to and some are not being considerate of their neighbors. Also, some people are renting out their house or rooms in their houses and more cars are parked on the street. Holland teared up when saying she does not want her daughter, who sometimes works very late, looking for a parking space at night. DeIaco turned this problem over to Sherryann Oels, chair of the highway committee, and asked her to review the situation and prepare a recommendation. DeIaco also mentioned when those homes were built most people only had one car.

A new resident of Motey Drive requested yellow lines be painted on that street so people do not park in front of her mailbox. She said mail is not delivered if someone parks in front of her mailbox. Trexler was told the resident decided to move her mailbox to the other side of the street.

In answer to a memo Trexler received from Henry Heil requesting two parking guides 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. March 10, Oels sent a letter advising him about parking on the ball field. Council approved using two fire police as requested.

Council unanimously approved and passed motions of the meeting minutes of Dec. 27, 2017 and Jan. 2, 2018.

Council also unanimously approved a motion to pay the bills of Jan. 10 and approved and accepted the treasurer’s report.