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Monday, December 10, 2018


Wednesday, November 22, 2017 by ED COURRIER Special to The Press in Local News

EHS curriculum changes presented

The East Penn Board of School Directors entertained proposals by Emmaus High School Principal Dr. Kate Kieres and Supervisor Secondary Level Curriculum and Instruction Laura Witman at the Nov. 13 meeting regarding changes to the high school curriculum for the 2018-2019 school year.

During her part of the presentation, Kieres offered a revised EHS program of studies and new course proposals that include adjustments to be in sync with the school’s new grading scale. Some of the proposed changes combine semester classes into yearlong classes.

Adding civics education would address a growing need, Kieres said. Splitting a senior level government and economics course into separate semester classes was also proposed.

AP World History would be a new course to include non-western history.

The engineering and tech department would separate print media from digital media so students can specialize.

Project Lead the Way computer integrated manufacturing would also be offered where the students would learn fundamentals of computerized manufacturing, modeling skills, computer numerical control, computer-aided manufacturing and SIM cell construction, among other processes.

Witman supported these proposals with a PowerPoint presentation. She also provided a cost implementation chart for 2018-2019. They estimated $4,000 for teacher training and $10,000 for textbooks for the AP World History course.

The PLTW computer integrated manufacturing course would require $5,400 for teacher training and $37,450 for resources, plus an additional $30,000 for PLTW laptops.

On personnel matters, June Lambert’s resignation as health room nurse at Willow Lane Elementary School effective Nov. 3 was accepted by the board.

The school board held a first reading of school district operations policy series 900 – Community: Part 2 of 2, policies 913- 921.

Ballard said in his legislative report that, “We kind of have a state budget” which may be funded by mini casinos at truck stops. “So, if you want to stop off on [Interstate] 80 and fill up your tank as you empty your wallet …” Ballard quipped.

He briefly spoke about the recently passed state mandated training for newly elected and re-elected school board members. Ballard offered his services for training incoming members on rules and procedures of how the East Penn School Board functions. He also expressed a need for assistance with his legislative reporting duties.

Rebecca Heid announced 10.6 miles of cable has been set for new Wi-Fi at Lehigh Career and Technical Institute. It is projected LCTI should be online by mid November. LCTI has specs for the new welding lab with an estimated cost of $3.1 million.