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Monday, January 21, 2019


Thursday, October 12, 2017 by SHARON SCHRANTZ Special to The Press in Local News

Resident presents concerns with school crossing at Willow Lane

A resident spoke at the Lower Macungie Township Board of Commissioners Oct. 4 meeting about the school crossing at Willow Lane. There have been improvements at this location including closing a road to eliminate traffic in the neighborhood, adding another crossing guard, adding Pennsylvania State Police and township personnel. While there is improvement, there are still issues with speeding vehicles.

The resident was comfortable with her children crossing Willow Lane due to crossing guards. She sent her middle school student to pick up her elementary student. As they were crossing the street, a speeding car raced right through the intersection. The crossing guard pushed the children out of the way.

The parent is afraid to let her kids cross. She believes something needs to be done. The commissioners suggested she attend the East Penn School Board meeting. The school district decided the area should become a walking area.

A resident also complained about speeding and unsafe driving along Elbow Lane. She was walking her dog along the sharp curve in the road and had to pull her dog out of the way of a car driving too fast and driving over the white line. This will be looked into.

A resolution was passed for volunteer service earned income credit for individuals involved in the volunteer fire company. Details will follow and will include a start date.

The commissioners appointed an alternate zoning hearing board member. There were two candidates but the commissioners felt Bill Royer had the best credentials as he was on the panel before. The vote was 4 ayes and 1 nay. Doug Brown said Royer is a wonderful candidate but he wanted new blood on the committee.

Township Manager Bruce Fosselman said several grants have been awarded to the township.

The township received a matching grant for $125,000 to connect the trail near Harvest Fields/Hamilton Boulevard (completed) and along the Spring Creek near Graymoore - Four Seasons at Farmington. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation matching grant of $175,000 will be used for a Spring Creek trail/pedestrian bridge with completion this fall. Fosselman said the permits are in place and test borings were done the week of Sept. 11.

The township was awarded two Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources grants. The first for $212,000 is for the construction of a trail that would connect the Brookside Road area with Wild Cherry Lane. The second grant is for a multi-use field, a baseball field and township parking lot at Spring Ridge Crossings. According to Fosselman, all design work will be completed in 2017 with construction work completed by 2018.

A grant for $87,000 was received for the Heritage Park Plaza at the corner of Brookside Road and Hamilton Boulevard. The grant will be used for the placement of a sidewalk on Hamilton Boulevard and Brookside Road, granite pavers, handicap curb ramps and a LANta bus shelter in 2017.