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Thursday, July 19, 2018


Wednesday, August 9, 2017 by JULIA F. SWAN Special to The Press in Local News

Fields at Indian Creek under fire

Supervisors last week issued a cease and desist order for construction of phases 1B and 2 at the Fields at Indian Creek due to substandard construction of a temporary access road in the development.

At the Aug. 3 meeting, board members and township staff both blasted developer Kay Builders for the failure to complete the road satisfactorily. Development of the age-restricted residential development near the intersection of Chestnut Street and Cedar Crest Boulevard has frequently been the target of complaints from supervisors.

Supervisor Robert Sentner was especially critical of Kay Builders, saying it is typical of them not to seek approvals or extensions “until the 24th hour.” The development of some 200 homes is located partly in Lower Macungie Township and the borough of Emmaus, as well as Upper Milford, but it is mostly in Upper Milford.

Supervisors also instructed staff not to issue any more building or occupancy permits until the road is completed satisfactorily. Supervisors noted township engineer Jeffrey Ott has put forth in writing the reasons why the access road is not compliant with township standards.

The supervisors’ actions came after they approved releasing a security deposit of $104,001 for the development.

Ironically, earlier in the meeting, supervisors held a cordial discussion with Kay Builders representatives Jim Preston and Scott McMackin to review a revised plan for the park located within Kay’s residential development on the former Kohler property.

The original park plan had been sharply criticized by supervisors at a meeting in July, but they indicated the new plans are much improved.

The plan is “1,000 times better than what we had before,” Sentner said. Sentner also suggested widening West Minor adjacent to the development.

In other action last week, supervisors approved stop signs at the railroad crossing on Dillingersville Road, where there are no warning lights. Supervisors talked about the danger of motorists speeding through the crossing. Planning coordinator Brian Miller noted a motorist was once clocked going 76 mph through the crossing.

After discussion, supervisors also agreed to place stop signs at all township railroad crossings without warning lights. There are at least two other such crossings in the township.

In other business, supervisors also approved the appointment of Thomas Carl, Joseph Terrible and Timothy Anger to the three open positions on the newly formed emergency service committee. Carl will serve a three-year term, Terrible, two years, and Anger, one year, after which all terms will be for three years.

Supervisors also scheduled the organizational meeting of the committee Sept. 12 and the first regular committee meeting Oct. 10.

Noting the recent passing of two zoning hearing board members, Edward Martin and Francis Caputo, supervisors also approved appointing alternate zoning hearing board member Dannell MacIlwraith as a regular member and John Zgura as a regular member. MacIlwraith’s term will expire Dec. 31, 2021 and Zgura’s will expire Dec. 31, 2019.

Supervisors announced there are now three vacant board alternate positions to be filled and authorized staff to post those positions on the township website.

Supervisors also observed a moment of silence in memory of Caputo, who was a regular attendee at supervisors’ meetings, as well as a member of the open space committee and a longtime resident of the township.

On a personal note, this reporter always enjoyed chatting with Mr. Caputo during board meetings. He could be counted on to greet me cheerfully, “Hello young (!) lady. I saved you a seat.”

I was impressed by his dedication to the township, and especially to his wife, who was in a nursing home, and whom he visited faithfully every day.