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Tuesday, May 22, 2018


Thursday, May 18, 2017 by KEVIN JONES Special to The Press in Local News

Schoeneck Road development postponed

The Schoeneck Road Development project was scheduled to have its conditional use hearing in addition to having its primary and final land development plans discussed during the May 9 meeting of the Lower Macungie Township Planning Commission, but the developers asked for a time extension.

The planning commission discussed a lot line adjustment as well as a review of additional phases of The Fields at Indian Creek property. There was no change to the portion of the lot line in Lower Macungie Township, but the property added 5.5 acres from a lot line adjustment in the borough of Emmaus. The new land would add another 22 units to The Fields at Indian Creek.

The planning commission had some concerns with the intersection of Indian Creek Road and Cedar Crest Boulevard, which can be difficult at times. The expansion gives The Fields at Indian Creek a total of 239 units. The planning commission asked for an additional arterial roadway if there is any more expansion for emergency vehicles and deliveries.

The planning commission also asked if there were any steps or an increase of elevation on the units. The applicant explained there would be a single four inch step. It was explained this might be an issue because people who live in these units could have disabilities.

The plans for The Fields at Indian Creek were approved unanimously. The applicant did not agree with the conditions involving future development and said they have final approvals from the other jurisdictions.

Another issue discussed was a lot line adjustment on Hamilton Boulevard across the street from the Ciocca lot. The issue involved two homes still in residential use. One home would be picking up land from the other property. The plan would revert the land back to where the property line was originally.

The planning commission then discussed lot line adjustments and the purchasing of a lot of land for a path to connect the Graymore subdivision with Kratzer Farm. There was discussion about two lot line adjustments between the township’s property and a pair of its neighbors.

The lot line adjustments and additional lot purchase would create a band of land allowing for the path to be created. The property that would be purchased has been abandoned for several years.

The Lower Macungie Township Planning Commission will hold its next meeting June 13. The planning commission meets on the second Tuesday of each month and occasionally holds workshops on the third Tuesday of the month. Meetings are 7 p.m. at the Lower Macungie Township Building on Brookside Road.