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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Ciocca conditional use approved

Thursday, February 11, 2016 by sharon schrantz Special to The Press in Local News

On Feb. 4, the Lower Macungie Township Board of Commissioners met for their scheduled meeting discussing a conditional use hearing for the Ciocca Properties at 330 Schantz Road. It is proposed to be an off-site auto repair and detailing facility which is presently at the Subaru dealership. They have several neighbors, one of whom is a church.

The original problem with getting approval for the plan was the lack of parking spaces. It was determined peak times for the church and the Audi repair facility do not coincide. This plan was approved by the zoning hearing board and commissioners. This is temporary until a new Audi facility is constructed. The lease is for three years.

Julie McDonell resigned from the parks and recreation board but will remain available for occasional assistance. She said she is committed to parks and recreation but “has other priorities and is looking to pursue new interests.”

PPL notified the township of helicopter assistance for rebuilding the Hosensack-Wescosville line. These lines run through Upper Macungie Township, Lower Macungie Township, Upper Milford and Lower Milford Townships. The helicopter will pull rope along the newly installed power poles. The ropes will later be used to pull new power lines in place.

A letter of thanks was sent by a military recipient of the care packages sent by Lower Macungie Township.

“Knowing the community supports the military helps reaffirm to every soldier, the reason we serve,” 1st Lieutenant Peter Miller wrote.

The commissioners approved the extension of the Waste Management contract. There is, overall, a good relationship between the township and the company. For the most part, there is satisfaction with the services.

Hudson Valley Reality sent a request to purchase 5424 Hamilton Blvd. The commissioners agreed the property is not for sale and the township is not interested in this transaction at this time.

There are two additional properties in Lower Macungie Township requesting farmland preservation. This adds to two other preserved farms within the township.

The former Lower Macungie Elementary School will be converted into a personal care facility and a memory care facility. The attorney for the developer is requesting a reduction in the recreation fee. The commissioners voted against this request.

The library board has a reappointment of Dain King and a new appointment of Louise Moyer.

The library board announced the Cherries, Chocolate and Jazz event will be held 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Feb. 20 at the library.

Township Manager Bruce Fosselman said he was quite pleased with snowplowing during the blizzard. The public works members worked around the clock, actually totaling 33 hours. Others also assisted in emergencies. Residents were also cooperative in staying off the roads and keeping cars off roads for plowing to get done. Some sidewalks were not shoveled and these residents will be billed for the snow removal.

Reverse frontage properties are still a problem. This problem will be further discussed at future meetings. Residents who live on these properties do not think these sidewalks are part of their properties.

The Blue Goose proved to be a valuable asset to the snow removal fleet. It is similar to a giant snow blower and many were interested in its abilities.

The Church Lane Bridge has almost all the necessary materials to complete the project. It was suggested the bridge may be open in two to three weeks.

Lighting at North Krocks Road is installed and awaiting power. The power lines should be ready in about two weeks.