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Wednesday, June 24, 2015 by SHARON SCHRANTZ dgalbraith@tnonline.com in Local News

Trexler Business Center approved

The Trexler Business Center, another Jaindl land development project, was approved at the June 18 Lower Macungie Township Board of Commissioners meeting.

The owners of Hamilton Animal Care shared their concern for the proposed round-about for the impact on their business. The commissioners and David Jaindl assured the owners this will be taken into consideration.

The Liberty warehouses for the Spring Creek Properties had its plan approved by the commissioners. Standard operating procedures were waived. However, the township said the road improvements must be completed before the building is used. No occupancy permit will be issued until roadways are upgraded. This was approved with Commissioner Douglas Brown opposing.

The plan for Liberty at Mill Creek was approved. A concern was noted for truck traffic coming into Lower Macungie Township streets. A suggestion was made for signs to be posted to make trucks go left and head toward the bypass.

The West Valley Marketplace had a change in its plans due to an easement. The plan was re-approved with the change in the easement.

Denise Foulke, recreation director, wrote a letter about dog training at Camp Olympic in the fall.

Two retirements were announced: George Caldarelli, residential building inspector, is resigning effective July 31 and Bruce Grim, public works facilities crew.

In the librarian's report, it was announced the summer reading program continues through Aug. 8. Blood pressure screenings continue 10 a.m. on the second Friday of each month. The annual audit was completed. Income was 2.2 percent above 2014. Expenses were 2.8 percent above 2014.

The Friends of the Library had a book sale and raised over $4,000. This money will allow for more electrical outlets for charging stations. The Friends of the Library have also contributed over 200 volunteer hours.

The Church Lane Bridge will be closed again starting June 29 indefinitely. This is due to a new problem discovered by PennDOT. More information can be found on the township's website which will be updated.

The Shoeneck Road/ Route 100 intersection improvements brought about a discussion about the long-term maintenance of the stormwater basins. Jaindl wants Lower Macungie Township to take over the maintenance of Basin A. Commissioners Brown and Ronald W. Beitler are unsure of the cost of maintenance. Jaindl is paying $3 million for the construction and future maintenance but wants the township to take over Basin A since it is not on his property. This was approved with Brown opposing.

There is a problem with Riverbend Road. The township wants to obtain a design estimate which will cost about $15,000 which will be under the road improvements portion of the budget.

The state police have asked to be included in shopping center developments.

Township Manager Bruce Fosselmahn gave his report. Among other issues, Fosselman mentioned Willow Lane Elementary School and the walker's project.

"It has been in existence for three years and it's going very well," Fosselman said. "The crossing guards do a great job."

The Ciocca Dealership has an Audi dealership which was added without proper planning. This will be remedied with a preliminary plan to be submitted within 90 days.