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Friday, February 21, 2020

Letter to the Editor

Wednesday, May 29, 2013 by The Press in Opinion

Social media has side affects

To the Editor:

Social media is changing the minds and habits of teenagers today.

Spending more time online means the worsening of grammar, lack of social skills and an overdose of narcissism.

Their cameras are filled with "selfies," they use the phrase, "LOL" in their speech and they experience "phantom phone syndrome."

First of all, grammar and spelling are being affected. Internet lingo is not just for electronic use anymore, but also showing up in formal writing. On youtube, you can see a bevy of multiple incorrect phrases in the comments section. In casual conversation, one might even hear the phrases "hashtag," "follow me on..." and many online abbreviations uttered.

Many people believe today's youth are too wrapped up in themselves. My generation tweets, posts and takes pictures of nearly everything they accomplish; whether it be monumental, like graduation, or rather mundane, like getting a cup of Starbucks.

Finally, I find ironic that it is called, "Social Media" when using it really decreases interaction in reality.

Everywhere I go, I see too many people my age absorbed in their phones. I try and engage my friends in conversation, but it seems as if they are much more interested in what people are talking about online. Even walking down the hall in high school, you will overhear conversations which center around what someone posted.

Some of my friends have numerous followers or friends; so many, I do not think they truly know most of them personally. I am not sure if my generation fully recognizes the Internet is forever. What is put out on the web can never fully go away.

Social media can be a tool for many great opportunities to connect with people, but it can also be detrimental when overused.

Source: Stein, Joel. "The New Greatest Generation."

Nina Mantalaba

Emmaus High School