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Wednesday, February 27, 2013 by SHARON SCHRANTZ Special to The Press in Local News

Pa. State Police present biannual report

Pennsylvania State Police Commander Lt. Paul Gaspich presented the biannual report for Lower Macungie Township at the meeting Feb. 21.

The report notes an increase in DUI arrests which shows troopers are proactive and have increased their awareness of DUI offenses,

Gaspich said there is increased activity in gang offenses, terrorism and drug activities.

Police report the Latin Kings have body armor, one of which had a slug in it.

Hundreds of cartons of cigarettes were confiscated recently and synthetic drugs, marijuana and other illegal substances have been detected in the township. Scooby snacks, a form of synthetic drug has also been found.

Gaspich said schools are visited frequently. There are computers in the squad cars which have maps of each school's layout and police actually enter the schools to make sure people are aware of their presence.

The schools are watched through most shifts due to nighttime activities.

There are five full-time troopers available. A resident who attended the meeting mentioned her son noticed the police in their school and she said she was reassured by this.

The Willow Lane walking project is a continuing topic. The issue is before the East Penn School District School Board and Planning and Zoning.

There are two suggested plans for walkers and the distance they live to Willow Lane Elementary School. Additional action is expected after the school board meeting Feb. 25 and after the Planning and Zoning meeting.

PPL will begin tree trimming due to a federal mandate. Areas around the transmission lines are to be cleared. This is due to the two major power outages over the last year.

There is supposed to be a 30-foot wide area of nothing more than grass and shrubs. PPL will meet with the Board of Commissioners before anything happens. Letters have been mailed to affected residents.

Meals on Wheels has expressed their gratitude for the $5,000 grant for Lower Macungie residents who are elderly or disabled. Because of this support, these residents and their families can be assured their loved ones are receiving nutritious meals.

Michael Dougherty, representing Toll Brothers, is requesting a delay in payment until the NPDES permit is issued for Lehigh Crossing. The reviews are in process but it is very complicated. The rain gardens are somewhat of a new concept to the area. The delay was approved through an amendment to the resolution.

Further information about the Church Lane bridge was discussed. Alan Fornwalt, engineer, reported Norfolk-Southern is working on the plans for fixing the bridge. When the plans are approved, the work will take three days to complete.

Bethany Methodist Church wants to build sports' fields on their land where the new church is being built. According to the commissioners and land development, the land must be used for its primary purpose first.

The Panera Bread drive-thru plans are almost ready for approval.

There is another victory for the township regarding the Jaindl lands on Spring Creek Road. The other part of the land development court case has been deemed legal and, therefore, not continuing in the courts. There is now a bond request for the appeal with the state.