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Thursday, August 22, 2019


Wednesday, February 13, 2013 by SHARON SCHRANTZ Special to The Press in Local News

Ordinances approved Feb. 7

In a roll call vote, with President Ron Eichenberg abstaining, the Lower Macungie Board of Commissioners' approval was unanimous Feb. 7 for the rezoning ordinance for the Remington Property development near Allen Organ. This will allow for apartments in a commercial zone.

The Lower Macungie Township Planning Commission and Lehigh Valley Planning Commission have also expressed their approval for this project.

The project has been described by Township Engineer William Erdman as aligning with smart growth principles, creating walkability which assists with the township's need to connect areas for walking and providing a catalyst for public transportation which will bring more LANTA routes into Macungie.

Daniel Poresky, representing Citizens for Allentown Water, spoke about the privatization of the Allentown water supply. He said even though Allentown's mayor says communities will experience no impact, this is not so.

"There will be risk and harm to Lower Macungie Township," Poresky said.

Resident Garrett Rhoads said he is disturbed by this. "This will allow the city to raise the rates every so often. This is not the way to solve Allentown's pension problem." David Rumpt, a resident of Lower Macungie Township, spoke about speeding on Fritch Drive. He had written a letter to the township about this and was disappointed by the response. He requested speed "humps" for use on this road.

The commissioners explained "humps" can be difficult for emergency vehicles, school buses and snow plows. It was suggested the difficulty in controlling speeding issues is the lack of a local police department.

Commissioner Ryan Conrad suggested a more permanent speed board. Conrad has witnessed the use of them in Hanover Township. They are smaller and mounted permanently along the road. This is not in the current budget. Rumpf said he would do anything to help with this speeding issue as he is concerned for small children in the neighborhood.

Lower Macungie has been named a "Birdtown" by the Audobon Society. It is one of only two communities named in Lehigh County. The other community is Allentown.

East Penn School District and Lower Macungie Township are continuing to work out the issues with Willow Lane Elementary for walkers. There are several meetings coming up this week.

Joe Pugliese, former Lower Macungie Township Commissioner, and Kyle Kichline were appointed to the audit committee.

Troy Malinowski will become a full-time Public Works employee. He is employed presently by the township as a part-time Public Works employee.

Three firms bid for the repairs to the Church Street bridge. One was chosen as the bid was the lowest at $40,100.00. Lower Macungie Township is ready for the project to begin but must wait for Norfolk Southern's authorization. The approval process is lengthy as there is much to be considered when working with train traffic.

There is approval by the Public Works Committee to begin seeking proposals for a residential/commercial recycling consultant. This person would be responsible for recycling and making sure it is done properly. There is a firm, Huff Associates, who is volunteering to do this without cost to the township.