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Monday, May 25, 2020

Letters to the editor

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 by The Press in Opinion

The real root cause of these tragedies

To the Editor:

We just returned from a trip off the mainland and hadn't seen any news the past two weeks, so when Sam, my husband, turned on the TV early this morning we were really shocked and heartsick to hear of the Connecticut child slaying.

It is beyond being able to describe the anguish and sadness to the families and also others who hurt for them, and can't do anything to alleviate this grief for them.

How to help prevent this from happening over and over in this country – it isn't gun control.

Most people realize that when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have them.

But this letter isn't about gun control. It's about looking at the real root cause of these tragedies: Reaping the whirlwind for the breakdown of the Godly, loving, moral, supporting, intact family unit that I and many others are old enough to have actually witnessed and experienced in our lifetime.

I remember my grandmother standing in front of the TV in the 1950s when we watched cowboy movies telling us, "This is not entertainment, this killing and hurting other people! These shows will lead to no good."

Today we now have movies, TV shows and games teaching how to enjoy violence by hurting others. Many live in broken homes today or homes where no one ever sits down for dinner together, and there is little or no extended family support or spending quality time together. They just sit and watch this media from the time they are toddling around the TV shows their parents are watching and all through their formative years. Gee, I wonder what's embedded in their brains as they develop emotionally, intellectually and morally.

Did I mention morally? This generation out there seems to be the me first, anything that makes me happy, I deserve it, freedom to do whatever I enjoy, no restrictions or heaven forbid, Godly guidance, generation. My generation dropped the ball somewhere.

The family unit is the most basic pattern in our lives to produce the effects of feeling loved, valuable and secure. Yes, God did set it up. That is why it is so heavily attacked by liberal freedom ideas, which in the end, actually imprison us and cause so much unhappiness if followed.

Just look at the studies. A large number of adults and children today will end up living their whole lives in temporary situations. Every time the parent changes partners the child and parent are starting a new, insecure relationship with all the stress, problems, and possible dangers to the children that a lot of these situations create.

My daily prayer for our country is that revival would come and our eyes would be opened to see what is really happening today and hearts would turn to God and His loving protective plan for us.

Judi Stevens