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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Letter to the editor

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 by The Press in Local News

Put the Jaindl land debate to a ballot

To the Editor:

In a recent court hearing regarding development of the farmland around Spring Creek Road in Lower Macungie Township, Joe Zator (Jaindl's attorney) was reported saying, "My client isn't going away.

"This property is going to be developed. It's just a matter of time. A half-dozen residents can persist as long as they want, but development will occur."

Mr. Zator's comments are arrogant. He insists his client will prevail despite the fact that he has already lost in court. His client bought agricultural preservation land yet maintains that he is entitled to rezone the land so he can make more money. He implies that the people who oppose the development are irrelevant.

LMT is my home and I do not want to see farmland rezoned to allow Jaindl to build four million square feet of warehouses and 700 townhouses. The residents are the ones who will be dealing with the truck traffic and paying for road repairs. The residents' property values will decline and school taxes will increase with 700 new townhouses.

I do not stand alone in my views.

I helped collect 1,000 signatures on a petition opposing Jaindl's plan. I stood in the supermarket parking lot collecting signatures, and it was so easy. The vast majority of the people opposed allowing Jaindl to develop four million square feet of warehouses and 700 townhomes on farmland.

It's not just "a half dozen residents" who oppose the plan. Jaindl's plan is not favored by the people.

Nonetheless Jaindl has powerful support. His allies are Commissioners Brown, Reis, Conrad, and Eichenberg, (the last three are realtors with an interest in supporting Jaindl). If they are so sure it's just a few people who oppose Jaindl's plan, let them put it to a ballot.

Carol Ellis