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Monday, February 24, 2020


Wednesday, November 14, 2012 by SHARON SCHRANTZ Special to The Press in Local News

The long awaited plan for a trail system has been approved by the Lower Macungie Township Board of Commissioners.

Better known as the Greenway system, it is a system of trails within the township and neighboring communities, mostly along the Swabia and Little Lehigh Creek areas. Commissioners said this is just the beginning; additional information will be forthcoming. A lot of credit was given to Planning Director Sara Pandl for her work on this. Scott Alderfer, from the Environmental Advisory Council, said this plan will help to increase property values within the township.

Negotiations with the Public Works Teamster's union have been agreed upon with Lower Macungie Township. There will be a 2.9 percent wage increase over the four years of the contract. The workers will make some health care concessions. The new employees will have a 10 percent pension contribution by the township which was 20 percent. Sick leave was decreased also. The agreement was approved by the board of commissioners.

Attorney Jeff Stewart, partner of Attorney Richard Somach, Township Solicitor, Township Manager Bruce Fosselman and Commissioner Ryan Conrad were involved in the negotiations. Somach complimented Stewart, Fosselman and Conrad for their efforts with the union agreement.

Kyle Cope, a victim of a serious car accident, along with his parents, Dave and Melinda, received a proclamation for Kyle's gracious "thank you" from the Board of Commissioners. Kyle, along with GC Electric, upgraded the lighting systems at Wescoesville Fire Department, Macungie Ambulance Corps and Faust Towing. President Ron Eichenberg said "that's the way to turn tragedy into exceptional service."

Michael Hinton, a retired lieutenant from the NYPD who now resides in LMT, organized a Hurricane Sandy relief effort. Lower Macungie Township offered him a drop-off site and storage facility.

Lisa Makuta presently resides in one of the houses condemned from flooding problems. There is a buyout for these residents with 75 percent of the value of the home.

These residents are requesting 3 percent from Lower Macungie Township to assist them in their relocation.

Makuta received a letter stating they will not receive their money as originally reported because the township does not want to begin a precedent. Commissioner James Lancsek also said the 100-year flood plain was on the deed and "you bought the property."

Lehigh Valley Health Network thanked the township for their assistance with the VIA Marathon and Relay and the Family Fun Walk. Road closures by LMT helped keep the event safe and fun.

A Medical Center and Eye Care Center (Progressive Vision) were approved at the meeting. This new building will be at 5201 Hamilton Boulevard. The facility will provide outpatient care and will be operated by private physicians.

Bailey Ellenberger sent a letter complaining about truck traffic on Willow Spur. This complaint has been sent to the Public Safety Commission.

Norfolk Southern has requested road closure on Schoeneck Road for immediate repaving of the railroad crossing. This was approved with a one-week delay so the public is properly notified.

Camp Olympic will become the home of an Eco Park. The park will be known as a "Pump Park" and will have different obstacles or challenges within like moguls. This will be a BMX facility. Preliminary approval was given for this with Keystone Engineers being given the approval to begin planning.

Time is running out for residents of the township with unpaid sewer bills. Turn-off notices will be sent out with a yellow tag to be placed on the residence. Shut-offs will begin before Thanksgiving. There is still time to stop this action by placing a call and establishing a payment plan.

The agreement of sale was successful for the property on Cedar Crest Boulevard. The new owners are Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nonnemaker.

The tree harvesting regulations are ready to be advertised. Private owners have little or no problem. Street trees are already addressed as they have different regulations. The SALDO amendment and open burning ordinance are also ready to be advertised.

Bond refinancing is also ready to be advertised. The ordinance for a stop sign at Butternut and Birch will also be advertised.

LMT welcomed residents to the community center to utilize the warm place with the availability to charge cell phones and laptops.

"Local government is here to help," Township Manager Bruce Fosselman said.

LMT has hired a new clerk for Planning and Public Works. Her name is Debbie Ward. She comes with an excellent background and will be paid $14.43 an hour and will have a 90-day probation period.