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Thursday, November 21, 2019

EMMAUS BOROUGH COUNCIL First step taken to prohibit parking on Apple Street

Wednesday, October 3, 2012 by ANDREW CASS Special to The Press in Local News

Emmaus Borough Council passed the first reading of an ordinance prohibiting parking on Apple Street near the Williams Street playground at the Oct. 1 meeting.

The ordinance would put up a sign prohibiting visitors of the park from parking on the grassy part of Apple Street to the right of the parking lot. Council President Lee Ann Gilbert said neighbors have complained about the cars blocking the entrances to their homes. One neighbor was told to place no parking signs on the gates outside of his house, but Gilbert said the sign did not fix the problem.

Councilman Brett Labenberg, however, said he did not think a no parking sign was necessary.

"Why not just put concrete barriers or railroad ties or a telephone pole, I think that would be a simpler solution," Labenberg said. "Why spend this money passing an ordinance when we could just put a barrier there? If people continue to park there, then we pass an ordinance."

Gilbert said the grass area is plowed during the winter and putting up a barrier could prevent plows from reaching the area.

Councilman Wesley Barrett, who is part of the public safety committee that recommended the ordinance, said the idea of a barrier has been brought up before.

"I've been in this process for three years and all of the ideas that have come up here have already been discussed. I feel they've also been addressed properly by people in the business and this was their recommendation," Barrett said.

Barrett also said putting up a barrier such as boulders would not work because the boulders would be removed during plowing and could take on an irregular shape when moved back leading to the same problem they already have.

Labenberg motioned for the bill to be sent back to the public safety committee for further discussion, but was unable to get enough support from the council.

Councilman Brian Holtzhafer said the park needs a clear designated parking area.

"I can see people are parking there because they can't clearly see where they can and cannot park," Holtzhafer said. "So the first thing I would like to see done is define the parking lot. And if the problem still exists, then yeah absolutely I agree we need to spend the money to put up a no parking sign."

The bill eventually passed its first reading on a 4-3 vote.

The board also announced the appointment of Emmaus High School junior Rowan Hobson as a junior council person for the borough. As a junior council person, Hobson will attend meetings and give input to the board. It is a non-voting position.